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- Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much do the three tier Wedding Cake Pies cost?

A. The cost of the three pies is currently £110.00 if collected from the shop. If express delivery is required this will cost an extra £20.00 for the shipping and packaging. Please note prices may vary.

Q. Does Wilsons provide the stands for the pies?

A. No. But if you want to make the pies look like our photograph, just buy a cheap wooden rolling pin and cut it into 6 cm lengths. Then dress with vine tomatoes for that rustic look.

Q. How many people will they cater for?

A. The pies should weigh about 20 lb in total, this is enough for 80 x 4oz portions.

Q. Do you do any other type of fillings?

A. We can put eggs into one of the pies to make a gala style or we can also make a Huntsman filling with Pork, Turkey, and Stuffing if we are given enough notice.

Q. Can you put wording on top?

A. Yes. We can put limited wording on to the top pie. For example, "George and Lisa. 28-05-10"

Q. How is my order packaged if delivered by express post?

A. Your pies will be freshly prepared, wrapped in silicone paper, lightly vacuum-packed and placed into specially insulated cartons. These contain state-of-the-art ice gel packs, which keep your order chilled for up to two days.

Q. Do you deliver on a Saturday?

A. No. The cost of a Saturday delivery is prohibitive.

Q. What days do you deliver on?

A. We use an express next day delivery. The delivery days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The delivery can be any time between 8am and 5.30pm. We would prefer someone to sign for the delivery. Deliveries can be made to hotels and other venues, but you must ensure that on delivery the pies will be put into a refrigerator.

Q. Do you deliver nationwide?

A. Yes. Using UK Mail we deliver to all but the most remote parts of the mainland. If in doubt about your own location please check with us.

Q. How much notice do you need?

A. We need at least two weeks notice, preferably longer. We only have a limited number of tins so orders are taken on a first come, first serve basis. Any orders received between noon on Thursday and noon on Monday will be dispatched on Mondays. We do not deliver Saturday, Sunday or Monday

Q. What do I do now if I want to order?

A. Due to the importance of wedding occasions, we want to make sure we have all your information correct and have chance to sort out any issues, therefore we only take orders over the telephone. We require full payment with the order and this can be taken over the phone on our shop terminal. Please call us on 0113 2645448 or 0113 2930516.

Celebration pies can be ordered online, from our website here: Wilsons Butchers

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