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Wilsons Pies

When you get an award winning butcher, good locally reared pork, an old family recipe and a passion for baking, the end result is a Wilsons Champion Pork Pie.

A tasty, crispy pastry with a cured pork filling and a delicious seasoned jelly is what you get with a Wilsons Pork Pie. Fresh from the oven in one of our shops
the taste is irresistible. Just watch out for the runny jelly! Hot with mushy peas or cold with a salad or a ploughman’s, our pies will be the highlight of the meal.

If you have never tasted a good Yorkshire pork pie then there is no better place to try the original fast food!

One of our latest ideas was to team up with Yorkshire Brewer Timothy Taylors to produce a delicious Steak & Ale Pie containing their famous Landlord Ale.

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Wilsons Pasties

Our Pie range is complemented by our delicious pasties. With all the fillings sourced from our own butchers shop we can guarantee the taste and tenderness
of the pasty range.

Some, like our Steak Bake are made with our own delicious Puff Pastry and others, like the Giant Steak Pasties are made
with crumbly short crust pastry.

Our most popular pasty is still the Traditional Cornish, containing seasoned beef, potato, carrots and peas; this is a complete meal on its own.

Vegetarians are catered for with our Cheese and Onion Pasty and for those who like it a bit spicy we have the
Bombay pasty.

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Wilsons Awards

Wilsons were named "England’s Best Butchers" in 2005 and have won a string
of high profile accolades with their pies, including:

Yorkshire Small Pork Pie Champions
1999 - 2000

Yorkshire Small Pork Pie Champions
2002 - 2003

Yorkshire Small Pork Pie Champions
2006 – 2007

Old Pork Pie Appreciation Society
Annual Winners 2005

If you would like more information on all
the awards Wilsons has won click here.

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